AlUla – Nature

AlUla Fresh Farm

Creating an agri-tourism experience, giving visitors an opportunity to visit a farm purposefully developed to present an ideal agri-tourism experience, including date palms and citrus trees, the farm offers various activities allowing the visitor to experience life on a farm:

Farm Tours
Fruit Picking
Animal Feeding
Seed Planting

This experience is bookable along with your accommodation selection.

Stargazing in AlUla

An Ideal Stargazing Environment

As the sun sets here, its beautiful hues of orange, pink and gold are the prelude to a magical excursion once the sky drops its curtain. We all live under the same sky, but its clarity and unfathomable beauty are a spectacular sight to behold in the ancient desert realm of AlUla.

Tilting your eyes skyward and witnessing a dark horizon lit up by an infinity of twinkling stars is a deeply moving experience.

This experience is bookable along with your accommodation selection. 

Cycling Trail

A leisurely cycling experience through the sandy dunes of AlUla with remarkable views of AlUla’s mountain landscapes.

Follow the pack leader on a leisurely bike ride crossing through the sand dunes and surrounded by AlUla’s unique landscape.

This experience is bookable along with your accommodation selection.